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What is The Grape Escape

Motorcycle journeys seeking stories of natural wines and passionate winemakers

The Grape Escape - Vineyard

“What is life, but one grand adventure?”

And that’s what The Grape Escape is - the story of a grand adventure, undertaken by two people who threw in their days jobs to follow their passion for motorcycling, natural wine and travel.

The winemakers we are seeking, are in harmony with nature. They promote the chaos of nature. Keeping nature at the heart of everything they do; they create their artisanal wines. They work with nature, applying natural farming techniques and organic viticulture and are low intervention in the cellar. And the result is authentic, natural wines made the way nature intended.

The Grape Escape - our bike

And on our motorcycle, we are in harmony with nature as well. There is nothing between us and nature. Being on our motorcycle allows us a more intimate connection with people and places. There is a heightened sense of awareness; the sights are brighter, the smells are sharper and the sounds are more vibrant. A motorcycle journey is never about the destination; it's all about the story and the ride.

Follow our journey over the next 45 days as we traverse 5000 miles across 5 countries.

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