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Batic Zaria | Blend | Slovenia

Batic Zaria | Blend | Slovenia


Grape: 55% Pinela, 20% Zelen, 14% Rebula, 5% Vitovska, 3% Klamica, 2% Rumeni Muskat, 1% Chardonnay

Producer: Batic

Region: Vipava Valley

Country: Slovenia

Vintage: 2019


Zaria is a wine in perfect harmony - a blend of 7 different grapes that are all grown in the same vineyard, harvested and macerated together. The wine is young and vivacious, with a deep character that is moulded by the rising moon. An intriguing play of rose, straw, fruit compote, dried fruit and spiciness. The wine is close to red wine tones, with a firm full body and beautifully rounded by a feel of smoke and an intensely mineral character.

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