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Our very first wine, BOLD is made exclusively for us, by Jutta and Mimmo, our friends and winemakers at Cantina Pantun, a family run winery in Puglia, Italy.

It’s a bold (no surprises there) red that’ll hold its own at any table.

And it's a small batch - with only 250 bottles.

Our Journey to BOLD

Three years ago, we started off with a map and a motorbike and set off to find incredible natural wines and build relationships with wine makers who shared our passion.

BOLD is the next step in that journey.

We’re putting our name on wines that reflect our vision for natural wine and taste for adventure. 


The Wine

As the name suggests, it’s BOLD. 

It's not loud or brash or overpowering. 

It’s simply confident enough to hold it’s own at any occasion. But it's easy get along with. 

It’s a dry, full bodied, elegant and complex Cabernet Sauvignon with great structure, acidity and tannins. The flavours are black cherry, plum and black currant with some underlying spice. 

The Winemakers

Cantina Pantun is a family run winery in Mottola, Puglia, overseen by Jutta and Mimmo.

The name BOLD is inspired as much the wine makers as by the flavours of the wine.

Jutta and Mimmo are pioneers of natural wine and committed to the philosophy.

All harvest is done manually, as moments of shared happiness with friends and family and this is reflected in their wines.

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